Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Home Decorations

Guest Post by Ella

When things come down to Christmas decorations, there is always room to make this an aesthetically pleasing and fun time you can enjoy. Christmas decorations will be a part of the whole ritualistic aspect of the holiday season, but you will need to be properly prepared if you want to make it happen without too much hassle. Nothing will give you a better sense of a job well done than seeing your decorations come together to create the perfect look for your home during the holiday season. Sometimes we have far too many things lying around, so it may be a good time to do some junk disposal or if you plan on moving out of a home around the holiday season – house clearance. Even without that however, you will still need to have some things moved around or out of your home to make room for holiday decorations. The following article will give you a couple of ideas for decorations you can use during that time to create the perfect look:
  • Paper Snowflakes 
These are fairly easy to make, as they require fairly little work
to do and not much in terms of preparations. You can easily hang them from your windows, the Christmas tree itself or from the lights you may have around your home. All you really need for this one is some white paper and some scissors to make it happen. Take a square piece of paper and fold it in half twice diagonally to produce the base shape of what you’re looking for. The next step will require cutting some jagged shapes on the sides of the triangle you just made to create the amazing shapes you will have once you unfold the paper. It is a simple, yet easy and elegant solution to holiday decorations that works well.
Lighted candle arrangement surrounded by Christmas decorations

  • White Sock Snowmen 
These are some excellent and downright easy Christmas decorations you can make around your well-cleared home without too much hassle involved. All you need to do is get some tube socks and filling in the form of dry beans or rice, making sure they are about ¾ full. Then you can tie a rubber band around the waist of your brand new snowman and another one around its neck. Once that is done you may need to do some adjustments to get the right shape going, but in the end you will have it done in no time. Fill the head of the snowman with cotton, and then fold it toward the outside so it will look like he has a hat on. Next you will need a hot glue gun to put on some eyes with buttons. You can also draw a mouth on the snowman or gluing one made from felt. Alternately, if you don’t want to use a hot glue gun, then you can use superglue to do the same job, but be careful with it, as it will take a lot more work than it would with the hot glue. You can also sew the buttons on if you feel like doing so. Next come the arms, using sticks you can create them with ease. You can always add a bit more to it if you need to in the face of other, smaller details. Sugar cubes wrapped in cloth can make excellent small presents for example.
You may have to clean some items out before you move on with the actual decorations, so look ahead for opportunities to do so before the holiday season. A junk clearance company can give you a hand if you need it.

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