Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A Cold & Dreary Day

Old English House, Moonlight After Rain, 1883

I had a laundry day today.  Laundry is really my favorite homemaking task.  I love to take the dirty clothes, sort them, and place them into the washer.  Then when they are done, they come out clean!  Drying them is simple too.  Some clothes go into the dryer, and some get placed on our drying rack.  I love the feel of warm laundry right out of the dryer on a cold winter day.

Yesterday was surprisingly warm--so lovely and sunny.  We enjoyed some outside time, and Cherished of God began making a soil mixture with our compost for our upcoming garden.  We even did some of our schoolwork outside.  Today was quite the opposite of yesterday.  It was cloudy and cold--the heater even had to run a few times during the day.  We got some rain and even a little bit of snow.  How wonderful it is to have a house to protect us from the elements.

In the afternoons, I often feel the urge to take a nap, but I know my children need me, and I have things to do.  I am hoping if I get to bed earlier, I will not feel tired after lunch and instead will remain alert and full of energy.

My little boy has been very snuggly.  He offered to help me remake my bed today.  He has been showering me with gifts--little pieces of paper he draws on and then presents to me.  I never want these days to end.  How children grow so quickly.  How I wish they didn't.

What an awesome task I have--being a mother to so many children.  They are each unique, and have different needs in some areas, and different things to work on.  How I need the Lord's help to guide them in His ways.  How I pray I don't fail at the job.  How I pray to be patient and kind, even when the children have been naughty.  May my life point always to Him.  May God give me grace when I fail.

I had to spend quite a bit of time comforting one of my children after bedtime who was worrying about me.  I feel blessed because she treasures me so, but I want her to not be afraid.  We talked about trusting in the Lord--how we must all trust in Him.  Now I must get to bed soon.

I hope you all are well.  Many blessings...♥

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