Saturday, January 10, 2015

God's Beautiful Creation (As Captured by My Daughter)

Hello Dear Readers,

How are you doing today?  I hope well.  We are getting over a cold.  My children are coughing this morning, so we're mixing up some homemade cough medicine, and later I will sit down with each one of them and find a suitable homeopathic remedy for them.

If I haven't published your comment recently, I am just behind and will try to get to it soon and then pay you a visit!

Today, I just want to share a few pictures with you that Cherished of God took back in the late summer time.  She enjoys taking pictures and has taken some beautiful shots of God's marvelous creation.  A few of them are a bit blurry because the camera isn't that great.  I hope you enjoy them.

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  1. So inspiring, thank you Lord! Excellent photography. This girl's eye for God's beauty makes up for the blurry. I'm inspired to take pictures even though my camera isn't the best either. :)

    1. She does have an eye for God's beauty. I'm glad you're inspired!

  2. Hello Mrs Q! I am sorry to hear your whole family have been coughing ~ I should imagine you are somewhat short on sleep. January is trying, sometimes! Really hope they improve soon.
    Your daughters photos are artistic ~ I like them; (what an interesting cloud formation on one of them.) Perhaps she might enjoy blogging, sometime?
    Hoping a better week is in store for you all ~ have a blessed Sunday.

    1. Well we may have picked up a different virus strain now--I'm not sure. Praying for a quick recovery!
      I'm glad you like the photos. Perhaps she will blog when she's older--we'll see.
      Many blessings to you, Alex.

  3. Beautiful pictures! Your daughter is very talented.

  4. She is a very talented young lady. They are beautiful pictures. We are so blessed that our heavenly Father has given us such beauty to look at.
    Hope you are all feeling better soon.

    1. Yes, we are so blessed by the beauty He's given us to look at!
      Thank you for the well-wishes. We may have a second strain of something now, or some of mine just didn't get it the first time--not sure. Some times it's hard to tell when there are several of them and they share everything.


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