Saturday, May 30, 2015

Let Us Walk Worthy

When we hear of men living in sin and yet claiming to be Christians, we are disgusted with their pretenses--but we are not deceived by their professions.

In the same manner, we care little for those who are orthodox Christians in creed--if it is clear that they are heterodox in life. He who believes the truth, should himself be true. How can we expect others to receive our religion--if it leaves us foul, false, malicious, and selfish?

We sicken at the sight of a dirty dish, and refuse even good food when it is placed thereon. So pure and holy is the doctrine of the cross, that . . .
he who hears it aright will have his ear cleansed,
he who believes it will have his mind and heart purged,
he who preaches it should have his tongue purified.

Woe unto that man who brings reproach upon the gospel by an unholy walk and life!

Lord, evermore make us vessels fit for your own use, and then fill us with the pure juice of the grapes of sound doctrine and wholesome instruction. Do not allow us to be such foul cups as to be only fit for the wine of Sodom!

~Charles Spurgeon,

Flowers from a Puritan's Garden

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  1. Hello, This was a lovely and true article and we do need to remind ourselves of this very thing!
    Hope you are well and enjoying the warm weather!!
    Blessings, Roxy

    1. Yes, we do! It is quite hot here now all of a sudden. I am not much for hot weather and prefer the fall, but I am thankful for all the seasons the Lord has given us, as the change is good.


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