Friday, June 5, 2015

The Little Couple

For a few evenings in a row, right around dinner time, we have observed the sweetest little quail couple traveling through our yard.  It seemed as though they were going for their evening stroll together.  We would first notice them when they hopped up unto the wall outside our kitchen window.  Then they would hop up onto the neighbor's roof and walk around on it for a little while.  Then they would fly onto our roof.  The "gentleman" led, and the "lady" followed.  We mused that perhaps he went ahead to look out for danger and make sure the way was safe.  It was really sweet.  I wish I had been able to get a photograph of them, but I was not.  We have not seen them for the last couple of nights, which is too bad.  Hopefully the coyotes didn't get them.

I also purchased a hummingbird feeder at the store this past week. I had been wanting to for so long and finally "splurged" on an inexpensive one.  We had been seeing a hummingbird flying around ours and our neighbor's houses recently.  We made our own sugar solution for the hummingbirds at home that does not have red food dye or other harmful ingredients that those store-bought versions have.  We have yet to see any hummingbirds drink, but hopefully we will soon.  I really enjoy bird watching, and it reminds me how the Bible teaches us that the Lord cares even for the sparrows.

Have a blessed day ♥

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