Wednesday, June 10, 2015

To Young Mothers
A pastor of the 1800s named John Angell James spent months preaching on the importance of womanhood.  These sermons are contained in the book Female Piety , which I have long had on my bookshelf.  One of the chapters in the book is entitled "To Young Mothers" and you may find it encouraging and thought-provoking, as I have.

His summary of a mother's purpose is in this quote:

"And now, to sum up all, consider--
A mother's charge--an immortal creature.
A mother's duty--to train him up for God, heaven and eternity.
A mother's dignity--to educate the family of the Almighty Creator of
             the universe.
A mother's difficulty--to raise a fallen sinful creature to holiness and
A mother's encouragement--the promise of Divine grace to assist her in
              her momentous duties.
A mother's relief--to bear the burden of her cares to God in prayer.
A mother's hope--to meet her child in glory everlasting, and spend
             eternal ages of delight with him before the throne of God and
             the Lamb."

As we go through our days, we must remember that we are taking our child(ren) somewhere.  We must make sure it is to Jesus!  We can begin today to set a course for Jesus.  Let us ask the Lord to create a renewed sense of purpose and direction in our lives.  Ask Him to lead you to a deep enjoyment of Jesus and allow your life to glorify God in all things.  May He use our affection for Jesus to make a deep impression on our children, that their hearts may be shaped by His divine purpose.

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