Thursday, June 25, 2015

Finding Use for Your Old Furniture

Guest Post by Ella

If you have decided that your house needs some furniture clearance that is a wonderful idea. Not only will you find more space for improvement, but also refresh the look of your home and feel better about it. Before you get down to this job, however, there is one very important thing you have to decide - what to do with your old furniture, which you no longer have need of.

There are few things you should definitely consider for your discarded furniture. It is simply wrong to have dome domestic clearance service just haul it away to a landfill when there are other options for it. Consider the fact that even though you have no need of this furniture, someone else might find it useful! Here are few possibilities for you to consider:

  • Charity - one of the most humane things you can do is donate your old furniture to a charity organization. There are certainly few of those around you can consider. What makes this option so great is that your furniture will be used by someone else who wouldn’t normally be able to purchase it. You are doing good not only by provide clearance to your home, but also providing for those in need. Some charity organizations may even provide a van and people who can come at your door and take the furniture, so that is one more benefit you should keep in mind.
  • Give away to students - if you live nearby student residences and campus, you can definitely consider giving away the furniture to students. Not all residences come equipped with everything, so it is definitely a good thing to donate the furniture to students who will surely find good use of it. Rents are high enough for them already, so if you do this good you will surely find people who will be thankful you had furniture removals.

  • Pass to family and friends - if the furniture you are clearing from your home is not in terrible shape and can still be used, you can consider giving it away to family or friends. You can save them some money by providing them with a piece of interior they need and can use. Furniture can easily be re-upholstered to fit any interior theme so it is definitely worth it to ask around.
  • Rummage sale - this is another good option that you should keep in mind. Rummage sales are usually held at local schools and churches. Their goal is to raise money for a charity, which is what makes them so great. You will feel good contributing to a great cause, and all you will likely be asked to do is haul your furniture there. This is a great option to consider when your furniture removal is mostly focused on a single piece, which does not warrant a garage sale on its own.

These 4 options you have for your old furniture are definitely worth considering. You will do a lot of good to someone if you consider them, instead of just dumping your old furniture.

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