Wednesday, July 1, 2015

My Blessings Bless Me

I am so thankful for my sweet little darlings.  In this world that has gone crazy, has abandoned God and His Word, I still have my children to look after.  I can still make them a sweet and happy home.  And we can still read our Bibles and pray, and I can teach them about the Lord.

I wanted to share with you what they did for my birthday a few months ago.  They had been plotting and planning ever since Christmas, how to bless me on my birthday.  A couple of days before my birthday, I spent most of the day in my room, per their request, so they could make preparations for their big surprise.

In the evening, one of my daughters took me outside for a bit so the others could make some preparations.  I came in to such a lovely site of a prettily decorated entryway with some sheets hung for curtains, streamers with ribbons, and balloons.  They brought in our little children's table and two chairs--one for me and one for my youngest.  I was to once again be treated to a home-cooked meal and a special dinner theater (they did this for me as well at Christmas time).

My eldest daughter worked hard in the kitchen all day making the very special dishes that were all Mexican food. The tortillas were, of course, homemade too.  Oh, it was very good!  She even made up a menu.  All the other children ate earlier, so I could enjoy my dinner all too myself, not getting up to serve everyone.

My birthday menu

After my youngest and I ate, we were treated to a special play the children had made up--about a mommy and her children.  It was really sweet and humorous too.  While we watched, we got to enjoy the homemade desserts!  It was all so lovely.  There was just a huge mess to clean up the next day!

On my birthday, we spent time together.  My two eldest treated me to a beauty parlor (at home), where they did my nails, hair, and soaked my feet.  Then I was taken out to lunch (on our back porch) by my little boy.  I also got to open all the sweet little homemade gifts from them.

Cherished of God made me a birthday cake (and forgot to add the sugar).  It still tasted okay though--I think because she added the sugar to the frosting.  The cake purposefully says, "HappY" on it, because she started the tradition last year with my birthday cake when her grandpa tried to help her with the frosting and made a big blob come out, which turned into a huge Y with no frosting left for "Birthday"!

Cherished of God also made me this sweet (and funny) sign for my birthday.  I think some of the statistics may be a little off--I think I've given more baths :)

I am so blessed to have such sweet children.  I really am.

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