Saturday, June 18, 2016

Fun with Cleaning

Woman Dusting
This might seem like a sort of silly post to you, but I thought I would share some of the little delights of cleaning I got today.

I was going through my bedroom this afternoon, cleaning things out and getting rid of things I didn't need, when I found a free sample of a Swiffer Duster that I had gotten some time ago.  I forget how I had gotten it, but there it was, in a yellow envelope, still fresh and new in its packaging.  I had actually been looking at this very item at the store earlier this week, thinking how it might help to clean our blinds that always collect a lot of dust and dirt, but decided to forgo the added expense.

We live in an area with a lot of sand, and it seems that no matter how we dust, we are always met with a new layer of dust the moment we turn around!  It is rather discouraging, and I suspect that if I could have the vents cleaned, it might cut down on our dust problem.

Anyway, enter the fluffy, Swiffer Duster.  I opened its package, and put the duster on the handle it came with, and set to "work".  I put work in quotations, because it was actually quite fun!  Having this fluffy duster on the end of a stick made dusting quite easy and enjoyable.  I could easily dust the walls, the door frames, the furniture, the bookshelves...everything.  And instead of having to run repeatedly outside to shake off a dust cloth, all that dust stuck nicely to the Swiffer Duster, which I just threw away when I was done.  I could much more easily dust things with this nice little duster than I could with my usual dust cloth.  I have also tried ostrich feather dusters and lambs wool dusters.  I like this duster much better though for how easy it is to use and for how the dust really sticks to it.

(I am not getting paid for sharing this with you--I just really liked it!)

So, I may just pick up some of these some time, if I can.  There were some in the Great Value brand--I wonder how well those work?  Please share in the comments if you've ever used them, and/or what your favorite cleaning tool(s) are.

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  1. I have those fluffy duster too but they are far to expensive. I think I will crochet some dusty things for mine.

    1. They are a bit expensive, but I get coupons for them all the time. Also, there is the store brand version. I just have such a hard time getting rid of the dust around here! That would be neat if you could crochet a duster. I bet you could do it!

  2. I honestly love my Swiffer. It makes cleaning fun, and my boys enjoy using it as well. We have the old model of the Colrox Mop. I love it Sadly they no longer sell solution for it.

  3. Thanks for sharing! Do mean you have the Swiffer mop, or the dusters? Maybe you could make your own solution for the Clorox mop?

  4. I buy the "fluffy duster" maybe once a year (refills), I usually wash them in my washing machine and air dry them. They are still good for dusting.


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