Monday, June 27, 2016

How to Care of Your Home and Family Naturally

It's been many years since I started taking care of my family and home in a natural way.  I first became interested in "being my family's doctor" when the doctors would have no answers when I took my children in for problems.  I began researching ways to help my children myself.  So, I changed our meals to very natural ones, and eventually I began learning about herbs and then essential oils.  Having this knowledge has been immensely helpful!  I am glad that the Lord has provided all natural medicine for our families.  (Of course, this is not to say that we will never need a doctor, but there are a lot of things we can do ourselves!)

Also, when I became more aware of the harmful chemicals in our cleaning and personal care products, I started replacing our store-bought items with homemade ones.  Essential oils are great for this!

But when it comes to essential oils and herbs, where do you get the information?  Or, more specifically, what information is right?  Where do you start?  It can be really overwhelming, I know.  There is so much information out there that it can be hard to navigate.  Also with essential oils, there are people spreading incomplete, or even false information because they don't have the proper training.  It's important to know how to use essential oils safely.

All of this is why I want to make sure you know about a great source of information to educate yourself about herbs and essential oils.  It is the The Herbs & Essential Oils Super Bundle 2016, and the last day to get it is today!  I'm sorry that I was unable to tell you about this sooner, but please get it before the end of the day if you have any interest in this at all!

Here is a list of what is  included, and their values (the bundle costs way less than this!):
  • 101 Essential Oil Blends for Topical & Aromatic Use by Rachel Zupke of Mason Jar Values ($7.99)
  • 5 Multi-Use Herbs (And What to Do with Them) by Sarah Josey of Golden Poppy Herbal Apothecary & Clinic ($17.00)
  • Best Herbs & Essential Oils For Labor & Delivery-Audio Class & Transcript by Jenni Wilson of Natural Oil Mom ($19.95)
  • Cold & Flu Season: Are You Ready? by Carol Little   ($9.99)
  • Common Sense Home Remedies Book #1 – Head, Throat & Chest by Laurie Neverman of Common Sense Home ($2.99)
  • Common Sense Home Remedies Book #1 – Skin Troubles by Laurie Neverman of Common Sense Home ($2.99)
  • Common Sense Home Remedies Book #1 – Tummy Troubles by Laurie Neverman of Common Sense Home ($2.99)
  • DIY Lavender Creations by Stacy Karen of A Delightful Home ($5.99)
  • Essential Oils Planner by Amy Bayliss of ($5.95)
  • Essential Oils: Separating Truth from Myth by Kristen Smith of Smithspirations ($9.95)
  • Essential Oils: The Herbalist’s Toolkit by Amber Meyers of Herbal Academy of New England ($4.99)
  • Handbook of Home Remedies by Wellness Mama ($24.00)
  • Herbs & Oils: Beyond the Basics by Jessie Hawkins of Vintage Remedies ($197.00)
  • Homegrown Healing, from Seed to Apothecary by Chris Dalziel of Joybilee Farm ($9.97)
  • How to Create Healing Herbal Baths by Kami McBride of Living Awareness ($19.99)
  • Mama and Baby Herbal Wisdom by Kate Tietje of Modern Alternative Mama ($7.95)
  • Safe EO Labels – Set A by Lea Harris of Using EOs Safely ($19.99)
  • The Essential Oils Course by Edie Wadsworth of Living Life in Grace ($39.00)
  • Using Essential Oils Safely & Effectively by Natalie Vickery of The Family Herbalist ($12.50)
  • Wholistic Vitality: Healing Foods for the Whole Family by Dr. Karen Lee of ($9.99)
Go here to learn more and get your bundle:

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