Wednesday, August 23, 2017

How to Use Sewing to Express Your Faith

Today we have a freelance contribution post by Sally.
Have you been looking for a way to express your faith? Do you struggle to focus on prayer and reflection? Many of us already appreciate the importance of having those special quiet times to think about our faith, share our prayers with God and take the time to contemplate the world around us. It is always important to have those times where we are able to consider things in that way, as this is the only way that we are ever going to be able to develop ourselves as Christians. However, many people struggle to simply sit and reflect, and for this reason it is always good to have something to occupy our hands, however idly it may be, while we are thinking. That’s where sewing can become a great addition to these quiet, reflective moments.

Sewing can center your soul
Sewing is much more than just the individual makes and projects we complete. There are many benefits of sewing, from even just helping to calm ourselves down during periods of worry and anxiety. If you struggle to empty your mind and focus on thinking about your faith and prayer, sewing can also become a gift at these times. But we also mustn’t forget that the skill of sewing, is yet another example of the talents God has given us. To be able to make some beautiful items with our hands, or simply by using a humble sewing machine, we are thanking God for the gift of sewing that He has blessed us with. And furthermore, the joy that our sewing can give other people, by the things we’ve created, is another way of spreading His love.

Spread your Christian message
There are so many ways to combine the Christian faith with the gift of sewing. From learning to sew letters to make a display of your favorite quotes from the bible, to sewing figures you could create a depiction of your favorite bible scene. This would give you a great chance to get involved in church life, as your talents would make great gifts, prizes at church fayres, and decorations for around the church.

No matter how new you are to sewing, there is no doubt that it can influence your beliefs and enhance them in a great way. This means that if you haven’t already tried it as a hobby you certainly should, as you will find that it can have a great influence not only on your state of mind, but also on your understanding and acceptance of your faithful beliefs.

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