Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Women are Blessed at Home

Home is a wonderful respite from the world.  It's a place to rest, to relax, to feel at peace.  It's a place to feel safe and sheltered from the world.  It's a place to make as close to Heaven as possible.

What a beautiful occupation the Lord has given us.  What a holy calling, to make our homes a bit like Heaven on earth.  What a joy to wake up every day and minister to our husbands and children here in the safety and security of home.

How the Lord cares for us in telling us to "be keepers at home" and to "guide the house".  We have a special calling that a man cannot and does not have!  It is to us women, and us only, that the Lord gave this task.

I feel so blessed to be able to be at home, taking care of it and all the occupants here.  Each day brings its new challenges, and sometimes surprises, but how wonderful when we can start our days in thanksgiving to God that we have a home here on this earth, and to ask the Lord for His help with the day ahead as we serve Him as we serve our families.

We can bless our families by making home a peaceful place.  We can play lovely music, read God's Word, have a pleasant and lovely voice and demeanor.  We can speak with kindness and smile at our husbands and children.  We can make our homes lovely with decor and keep them clean and tidy.  We can cook lovely meals for our families that also nourish their bodies.  We can train our children up in the ways of the Lord, teaching them to love Him with their whole hearts.  We can be a loving support to our husbands, giving them our appreciation and admiration, and of course taking care of the things at home is a great relief to them!

What a wonderful job we have, that we don't have to go out to work to bring home the living, nor do we have to deal with co-workers, time clocks, nor bosses.  We are very blessed, indeed, ladies.  Let us wake up with these thoughts in our minds every day!

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  1. Staying home with my children is among my greatest blessings!

  2. In my morning prayers I thank God first for my being home and taking care of my family. I have never wanted to anything else.His ways are the only way.

    1. That's wonderful. I've never wanted anything else either since becoming a Christian. True, His ways are the only way.

  3. So nice article, glad to read this post, thanks so much!



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