Wednesday, January 3, 2018

A Christian's Integrity

As Christians, we must live lives of integrity.  If we profess Christ, our private lives must align with this profession.  We cannot and must not have secret lives of sin, giving ourselves over to the flesh.  We cannot have lives hidden in the darkness, while professing Christ in church on Sunday.  While we may try to hide things in secret, we must realise that all our deeds will one day be made known (Luke 8:17).  And the Lord God knows them even now.  Do we try to fool ourselves into believing our sins are left unseen because no one else is around?  We must remember that God sees all (Hebrews 4:13).

Maybe we have lived lives even after professing Christ, that we have tried to hide from friends and family.  The internet is especially a dangerous place for some, for many, in our present age.  No longer must sin be pursued in the dark alleys, but we can easily access it through the internet and TV, and even carry it around on our smartphones.  If we have let our morality slip, we must repent and never return to the dark paths of wickedness.  God calls us to be holy as He is holy (1 Peter 1:16).

Will we, as Christians, still sin?  Unfortunately, yes.  But we should not have secret lives of sin.  We should never be slaves to sin--read Romans chapter six.  When we sin, we must be quick to repent, turning away from that sin.  We must have true sorrow for our sin and long to be more like our Saviour.  Only then can we be salt and light in this world.

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  1. Amen and amen,thank you kindly for this encouragement.Dawn E. Brown

  2. Thank you! I really needed to hear this as I am working on deleting social media from my life. People who are friends share things that I should not be seeing ("be careful little eyes what you see") and I have come to realize that I need to remove myself from Facebook because of it. I, thankfully, never got into Instagram or Twitter very much. Pinterest is an issue as well and I am finding that I am having to go back and re-evaluate those whom I "followed" and unfollow them in many cases.

    1. Wonderful that you are taking these steps to help your soul and your life with Christ. You will probably find that you have more time for other edifying things, also. God bless you.

  3. Jo B. on Wednesday, January 3, 2018 8:58 pm



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