Friday, January 12, 2018

Staying Close to Our Children

I read this wise quote from my friend Lydia today:

"You have heard of the current popular phrase, 'separation anxiety'---well, that should never be, because the mother and child were not designed to be separated. It is normal to feel anxious when mother is not around, and wise mothers will not leave their children while they pursue other things. Childhood is so fleeting. You will one day turn around and wonder how your children grew up so fast, and how it all happened in such a hurry. Savor those years and be content at home with your children and you will not regret it." 
~Lydia Sherman
When our babies are first born, they are with us almost always.  Once some time passes, and the newness wears off, do we lose our fondness of our children--the great blessings God gives us?   We are amazed when our child first says, "Mama", then do we tire of hearing it?  Instead, we should expect and rejoice when our children come to us for something--for love, for care, for nurturing, for helpl.  We only have few years to impart wisdom to our children.  Let us use each day well, dear mothers.

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  1. Allison W. on January 12, 2018 1:51 pm

    Momma needs a date night 😂. I always miss them when I'm gone but once a month it's healthy and so important for that relationship with your spouse

    1. Oh absolutely, your relationship with your husband must be nurtured, and it's good for our children to see that their parents' marriage is important.


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