Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Very Early in the Morning

The last few days I have been woken up by myself coughing.  I, and most of the rest of the family, have a cold, that maybe is a cold, or maybe something worse. It's the kind that leaves you so tired, that you just want to lay down and sleep.

When I've woken up these past few nights, however, I am kept awake by the strangest thing!  A little bird is singing its morning song, at the time when everyone should be sleeping.  There is just the slightest bit of light coming in to what I think should be a still-dark sky.  But nevertheless, it is not, here.  Summer is approaching, and I must get used to this new occurrence of long, length of days in the northern part of the world.  The little birdie and the approaching sunrise keep me awake for awhile.  The time ticks on, and more birds join the one little songster, and my mind is tricked into thinking it is later than it is.

Eventually, I fall back asleep, only to find myself waking up much too late!  But nevertheless, it is a new day, a day from the Lord, whether it started much too late or too early.  So on I must go in this new day I've been given, praying for the Lord to help me to do what is right.

Spring is here, and it is beautiful in all its green plant life and glorious flowers.  Curious Pup has come to join us too.

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  1. Sorry to hear you are unwell x The Light mornings play havoc with my girls waking early, although i do like to wake up to the light.

    1. Thank you--we are on the mend, thankfully. 4:30 is just a bit early for me to get up for the day :)
      Maybe we both need some of those light blocking curtains ;)

  2. i love seeing your blog updated on my blogroll.


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