Tuesday, July 31, 2018

New Feminine, Beautiful, and Modest Skirts

I just love dressing femininely.  It is wonderful to be a woman, to be different from men....
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  1. Actually, about a year ago, I was given a treadle sewing machine. This was so thrilling. I went online and found a woman who uses hers to make frontier and prairie skirts from sheets. I was so thrilled with this that I started making my own modest skirts. Over the past year, I've gotten so many compliments that I am preparing to start selling them myself. My skirts are a bit different then hers and I also recycle jeans and make jean skirts, purses, petticoats, and other things. I am 60 years old and tried several times to just wear skirts and leave pants behind. It finally worked with making my own skirts. I felt that the skirts that were in the stores were just not modest enough for me, too expensive, and not really very feminine. I LOVE making these skirts! I haven't worn pants in about a year and have gotten rid of almost all of them. I have no intention of wearing them again. (How wonderful to not be bound up in pants any more. I also find that I behave differently in a skirt, more feminine.) I have been feeling convicted for many years, but what really pushed me over the edge was when women started wearing leggings for pants, which as a long retired dance teacher, I know that leggings are stockings and not pants. I live on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and for women to go around with not much on is quite common and this was very distressing to me. As a youth in New Orleans, I lived that way too and it was in my life's path with Jesus that I learned much about the beauty of the Father's creation of woman and her role. It's not just about wearing a skirt or dress, it's the whole package. Like you, I was not taught to keep the home, raise a family, or take care of myself as a woman. I was not taught about a relationship with Jesus (although my family was religious). Like you, I had to learn these things on my own in the trenches and even this year, the Lord is teaching me even greater things about being a women, wife, and mother in Jesus. I also wanted to wear skirts as a testimony of what Jesus is teaching me. Women are noticing and it has provided an opportunity to communicate what the Lord is teaching me. A friend led me to your website about 2 months ago. I immediately fell in love with it all from art to comments. I truly think what you are doing is wonderful! I also started a ministry for women born out of my own experiences. I support you fully and love to see and hear your stories. I pass on some of your posts and encourage women to come to your page. May God continue to bless your journey!

    1. That is so wonderful! I'd love to see what you create. I've found I behave differently in a skirt too. It is truly terrible--the current trend of women wearing leggings as pants. I want to tell them they forgot an article of clothing at home--that leggings were never meant to be worn by themselves. It is shocking and saddening.

      Like you, this understanding came to me after becoming a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, for which I am so very thankful, and yes, it is about the whole package.

      Thank you for being a reader here. I am grateful to hear it in an encouragement. I can only be here because of the Lord's working in my life, and I'm so grateful for the opportunity to share with others. Thank you for your support, and may God bless your efforts with the women where you are.


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