Friday, October 26, 2018

Phone Etiquette

Some mothers at home have a problem of receiving phone calls all throughout the day.  This can cause a great interruption to a busy day of homeschooling and homemaking, so what is a mother to do?

First off, we must realize that we shouldn't expect others to be available every time we want to get a hold of them.  Our modern conveniences of telephones, cell phones, email, social media, etc. have left some people very impatient to have an immediate reply when they want to speak to someone.  But we must be more considerate.

Just because a mother or housewife is at home and not employed outside the home, does not make her completely available to everyone who wants to reach her.  There is much to get done during the day, and especially if she is spending time with her children or husband, she shouldn't be expected to drop everything when someone rings.  While a housewife does have a great deal of freedom with her time, that does not mean that she has time for every interruption.  A housewife's schedule and responsibilities should be respected by others.

Of course, we know that sometimes we will have interruptions, and we must deal with them graciously.  But to always have them coming into our day is not helpful or conducive to accomplishing what is needed in the home. 

There are things a housewife can do to help with these interruptions.  If you have Caller ID, you can see easily if the phone needs to picked up.  If not, most households have an answering machine or voicemail that can be used to screen calls for an emergency.  Phone calls can be returned at a set time that won't interrupt the family's day.  Another polite way to contact people is email, as an email can be answered when the receiver is able.

Unfortunately, some people are pushy and not understanding about a homemaker's time, and still expect to be answered immediately.  You may have to graciously explain that you are unable to answer all the time, but that you will respond when you are able.

In the same vein, it is really impolite to break off in the middle of a conversation with someone to answer a text or phone call from someone else.  It is like allowing a person to pop up in the middle of you and the person you were having time with, who starts talking about something completely different.  This is a major problem in our modern technology age, but we should be considerate of those immediately around us, and remember that a message can always be checked, and a phone call returned at a more convenient time.

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  1. Yes! This is definitely a problem and I have little patience for it! Ha! We have a "no phones at the table" rule that we observe both at home and when we're out. My friends and acquaintances know I don't answer my phone, but that I will return an email or text at my earliest convenience. I think it's very important to set boundaries in this way, and to also be willing to reach someone else in a way that works for them. If I know my friend is not on social media and prefers to be called on the phone, I should respect that and make the effort to call her when needed. I often wish we didn't have access to the internet or cell phone technology, but then I remember how many lovely friendships I've made online... Not to mention my blog!

    Hope all's well!

  2. I am so pleased you wrote this ! I sometimes wonder if when I email you it seems impersonal. But you are so right....much better to give someone time to read and respond. Glad you like emails !

  3. Susanna--I think email is fine!

    Sarah--A no phones at the table rule is great. And I agree it is important to respect others wishes in being contacted. I agree about technology. It seems a necessary evil these days (though of course not all bad, as you've mentioned).

  4. Yes..and then there's that bit about my husband being employed as a Computer Software Programmer! Hahahaha! When I get too Victorian on him, he reminds me that computers are our livelihood. Ha!

  5. Very funny, Sarah! My husband also does a lot of work with computers for work. He is not fond of it, but it is necessary at this time :)


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