Monday, November 26, 2018

2018 Thanksgiving and New Thankful Box

This year, we celebrated Thanksgiving a couple of days late.  We had some company over again to join us.  When all the food was prepared, I was only focused on letting everyone know the meal was ready, so as to not let the food get cold.  I therefore completely forgot to take pictures.  It really is too bad because we went to the effort of labeling all of our dishes with pretty signs so that everyone would know what each dish was at first glance.  Thankfully, our guests thoroughly enjoyed the traditional Thanksgiving meal, and one of them took some pictures which I will share if they send them to us.  Our menu was:

  • turkey
  • goose
  • cranberry sauce
  • mashed potatoes
  • loaded fauxtato casserole
  • cornbread
  • bacon garlic green beans
  • dinner rolls
  • gravy
  • apple, lemon meringue, and pumpkin pies
  • pumpkin cream cake

All of these were homemade from scratch.  I split up the meal preparation with our three eldest daughters, who happily prepared their dishes and got the house ready.

On a different day, as a family we opened up our Thankful Box to see what everyone had written down to be thankful for.  We needed a new box this year, and I finally got around to decorating it, or at least some of it.  I painted on Scripture verses, and a Pilgrim and Indian couple.  I began drawing on some leaves but didn't have the time to paint them yet.  It's not a very pretty box, but hopefully made prettier by a bit of decoration.  Lord willing, I will finish it before the next Thanksgiving comes around!

Below are some pictures of the (unfinished Thankful Box).  To see what this is and why we do it, click on the post above.  My wonderful husband read through our large stack of papers this year, commenting on each one of the Lord's goodness to us.  How thankful I am for a Godly husband!

I hope you all are doing well and enjoyed a day of giving thanks to the Lord for His goodness.

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