Friday, May 10, 2019

Remembering Mother's Day

Many Mother's Days have passed for me, come and gone.  I have before lost a baby to miscarriage around Mother's Day, and sometimes it still brings me grief as I remember the loss of our little one.  But thankfully, I still get to be a mother to our children here and enjoy them.  There is something so amazing about being a mother and getting to be with your children every day and watch them grow up. There is time to instruct them and encourage them.  There is so much blessing in it, even if you are never thanked or appreciated, but I have noticed little children are very good at appreciating their mothers.

In years past, I have been given the most wonderful memories.  Where memories fail me, I thankfully have some sweet pictures of all the little children huddled around me on Mother's Day, hugging me and giving me gifts.  The gifts were almost always something they made with their own hands, with little notes that were such an encouragement to me.  These gifts were so special and the thought of them making them is something I will always treasure.  One year when the children were young, they decided to plant garden seeds into several mugs and little pots for me for Mother's Day.  I think there were peas and carrots, onions, garlic, and perhaps some flowers.  I have several pictures of us surrounded by these little containers of not plants, but dirt (smiles).  I don't think anything ever grew out of those mugs, but the thought was so sweet, along with all the effort they went to to make my Mother's Day special.

Wherever you are and whatever your situation, I hope you have a happy and blessed Mother's Day.  Even if no one remembers your motherhood on this day, just think how the Lord knows and is happy for His daughter to be raising up her children in His ways.  He even blesses a repentant heart for when we have made mistakes.  And for those of you not yet blessed with earthly children, remember you can be like a mother to others in some way--with that nurturing and loving spirit the Lord gives to women who love Him. 

This Mother's Day, I think I will spend some extra time in prayer over my motherhood, thanking the Lord for this gift and also asking for His trusted help this year to come of raising our children, for I know I cannot do it without Him.
"You are as much serving God in looking after your own children, and training them up in God's fear, and minding the house, and making your household a church for God, as you would be if you had been called to lead an army to battle for the Lord of hosts." 
-Charles Spurgeon

"O dear mothers, you have a very sacred trust reposed in you by God! He hath in effect said to you, “Take this child and nurse it for Me, and I will give thee thy wages.” You are called to equip the future man of God, that he may be thoroughly furnished unto every good work. If God spares you, you may live to hear that pretty boy speak to thousands, and you will have the sweet reflection in your heart that the quiet teachings of the nursery led the man to love his God and serve Him. Those who think that a woman detained at home by her little family is doing nothing, think the reverse of what is true. Scarcely can the godly mother quit her home for a place of worship; but dream not that she is lost to the work of the church; far from it, she is doing the best possible service for her Lord. Mothers, the godly training of your offspring is your first and most pressing duty."


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