Monday, August 5, 2019

Simple Thoughts on the Cost of Healthy Eating

I think paying more for healthy food is worth it. You often end up paying less for doctor visits if you are eating healthy food.

'It's always funny to me when people GASP at the thought of paying $7/gallon for RAW milk. I have gladly payed upwards of $12/gallon for fresh, grass-fed raw milk.

One woman said, "That's way too expensive.  Who has that kind of money? That's why we don't eat organic, raw, and all that gluten-free non-sense." Granted she told me this with a 12-oz can of Coca Cola sitting in front of her.

I asked her, "How much was that can of Coke?" She said, "About a dollar."  "And you think that is a good price?" She responded, "Well, yes, it's ONLY $1."

I said, "Consider this: there are 128 ounces in a gallon, and that coke is 12 ounces, so at ONE DOLLAR a can, that comes out to about $11/gallon, 4 dollars MORE than my 128 ounces gallon of raw milk!"

She was speechless of course and said, "Thank you for the perspective."

This little perspective can be duplicated with candy bars, chips, and other refined foods.

Think critically about the reasons you give yourself about why you do what you do; a critical thought or two may surprise you!'

~from The Cafe Wellness

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  1. Thank you for that perspective. My husband and I have begun reading "Nourishing Traditions" by Sally Fallon. I have been praying about how to afford to make the switch to better food options. I'm so used to being frugal with everything it's going to take some time to work through the changes.

  2. I love this and SO agree with you!!! Cooking from scratch - real food, real ingredients, organic, fresh, etc....... is definitely worth the money. If we all learn how to budget and then make menus and shop wisely, it CAN be done! Thank you for your post! Mary S.

  3. Yes, it's true, along with being good stewards of our bodies God has given us. Cooking with real foods is so much better for our families.

  4. Tjuana--that is an excellent book and where I began with eating healthy and cooking healthy for our family. You don't have to do everything at once, but making the switch to unprocessed sugars, whole grain flours (soaked), and just eating real foods will make such a wonderful difference in your family's long-term health.

  5. What a great perspective! We buy grassfed local milk products but are afraid of the raw milk. Also, many times I have noticed that local grassfed meats are only about a dollar more per pound than the grocery store products. Thankful!

  6. Raw milk is so good for you, Dianne--I encourage you to try it! The pasteurization process is really why so many have milk allergies and lactose intolerance these days--the enzymes are missing from pasteurized milk that makes it easy to digest. That is wonderful about the grassfed meat where you are. What a blessing for you!


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