Wednesday, August 21, 2019

What Fats Are Healthy?

Part of being good homemakers and taking care of our families is learning about making and feeding them healthy food--food that will bring health to their bodies and not sickness!  I am so thankful for the Lord bringing information into my life many years ago on how to truly eat healthy.  There is so much information (and mis-information) out there with regards to what is healthy, but the Lord was so gracious to show me about eating real, whole foods prepared traditionally when I was searching for answers. 

Here is some information about fats that you may not know:

"The demonized saturated fats--which Americans are trying to avoid---are not the cause of our modern diseases. In fact, they play many important roles in the body chemistry:

*Saturated fatty acids constitute at least 50% of the cell membranes, giving them necessary stiffness and integrity so they can function properly.
*They play a vital role in the health of our bones. For calcium to be effectively incorporated into the skeletal structure, at least 50% of the dietary fats should be saturated. They lower Lp(a), a substance in the blood that indicates proneness to heart disease.
*They protect the liver from alcohol & other toxins, such as Tylenol.
*They enhance the immune system.
*They are needed for the proper utilization of essential fatty acids. Elongated omega-3 fatty acids are better retained in the tissues when the diet is rich in saturated fats.
*Saturated 18-carbon stearic acid & 16-carbon palmitic acid are the preferred foods for the heart, which is why the fat around the heart muscle is highly saturated. The heart draws on this reserve of fat in times of stress.
*Short- and medium-chain saturated fatty acids have important antimicrobial properties. They protect us against harmful microorganisms in the digestive tract."

~Nourishing Traditions (affiliate link*)

Learn more about fats and their effects on your health here.

*This means Blessed Homemaking may receive a small percentage of your purchase, if you decide to get this book for yourself.  We've owned this book for several years and have found it so helpful. It's full of information about healthy foods, and great recipes.

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