Thursday, March 12, 2020

Distractions and Fear Mongering

I don't know about you, but I am so sick of hearing about coronavirus.  I think a lot of it is fear-mongering to distract us from other things.  When doing my shopping this week online, I was barely able to get deliveries scheduled--no doubt because a lot more people are having their groceries delivered instead of going out to get them.  One store's website kept having technical errors, perhaps due to too many people on it at once.  And then, when I went to purchase toilet paper because we are running out, I could hardly find any to buy!--all because people are giving way to this fear the media is spreading like wildfire.  People are being completely selfish and stockpiling things they don't need.

We, as Christian homemakers, may just need to turn the news off until this passes.  We should be focusing on our homes and families and doing what we can for their health--feeding them healthy, home-cooked meals, for one.  It is processed foods and white sugar that harms our immune systems.  Also, as time permits, learn about treating your own family's health.  In the past, I have learned about essential oils and herbs, and then came to learn about homeopathy.  Homeopathy is my favorite.  We use it all the time for both acute and chronic conditions, and I am prepared with remedies, should the need arise.  Most importantly, we know that the Lord is in control, and as we obey Him, we need to trust in Him to take care of us through all these trials.  You may find this earlier post I have written, helpful ~ Protecting Your Mind as a Homemaker


I don't want to live in fear, but one thing that does bother me is the things those in high places are trying to do while we are distracted by this virus.  For those of you interested, I'm copying some information on what the government has been up to, below.

In case you haven't noticed, while everyone is distracted by all the coronavirus fear mongering, THIS is actively happening👇🏼🙄😧

SIX states across America are now in violation of the constitution and have stripped their people of their rights, removing exemptions for vaccines - medical, religious and philosophical. Some of these apply to homeschooling children as well or will eventually as new bills are passed.


➡️ Last month CONNECTICUT passed a bill to remove religious exemptions.

🚫 COLORADO has bill SB 163 going into Senate that removes exemptions and discriminates/mandates review of those choosing not to vaccinate or delay them.

🚫 ILLINOIS has a couple bills, one is to mandate HPV, another bill SB 3668 is to remove religious exemptions and allow for minors to consent on their own to vaccines.

🚫 FLORIDA has a bill SB 64 That would remove religious exemptions and restrict medical exemptions.

➡️ HAWAII passed bill HAR 11-157 that goes into effect soon that mandates the CDC schedule from childcare through college, adding additional vaccines/boosters including FLU and HPV and more for college entry.

🚫 IOWA bill HF 206 is out to remove religious exemptions

🚫 MASSACHUSETTS has a couple bills to remove religious exemptions, get approval from the government for medical and religious exemptions, mandate HPV and allow minors to consent on their own.

There will be more - in your state and added to these states. For homeschooling, for mandates, for consenting minors, for workplace mandates without exemptions, for public notice of vaccination status, for adult vaccine mandates.

IT DOESN'T MATTER IF YOU ARE FOR OR AGAINST VACCINES - THIS IS ABOUT FREEDOM, choice and the overstepping of the government officials who are in violation of the oaths they took and the Constitution that SAYS this is not legal.

Take a stand, join the fight, raise your voices, put them on notice. Please, before we lose all of our personal and parental rights.…/state-vaccine-requirements.aspx

National Vaccine Information Center is a reliable source of information.  I know some women hate the talk of vaccines and never look into it themselves and have even accused me of being "political" when I post something about them.  But this is not "political"--this is to be informed for the sake of our family's health, and also our freedoms.  Surely this is something important for mothers to do.  No one should be forced to put anything into their children's or their own bodies against their will.

Also, it has been shown that there is a connection between receiving a flu vaccine and being susceptible to coronavirus.

“Receiving influenza vaccination may increase the risk of other respiratory viruses, a phenomenon known as virus interference.”

“Vaccine derived virus interference was significantly associated with coronavirus...”
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  1. Its all about creating fear and selling vaccines. And, when the climate fear faded, they had to come up with something to control people. We were very close to getting things financially stable here, and now what happens: the fear causes people to demand the government compensate every business for the loss due to the so-called virus. Money then is lent, at a high rate and the bankers control us again. Its like they do in war. In the meantime, the corrupt politicians skim money from the "aid" money like they did foreign aid, and that's how they get so rich. It is an advantage to keep us in fear, and indeed, some of my friends are falling for it. They can't live a full life because they are watching the progress of this so called virus. Yet they cannot name one single person who has the virus, and they do not "know of" anyone who has the virus or died. Not one single online page is produced of a deceased person with the autographs of loved ones in the guest book, like other deaths. There is something fishy about this and I am not buying into it. Listen to "Amazing Polly" talk about the child abuse this amounts to in the fear mongering:

  2. Dear Blessed Homemaking,

    I very much appreciate your sharing this perspective. Thank you!

  3. You are so right. Thanks for posting this. I tell you it has been so draining to even go to the store these days. Just looking at how people are reacting is causing stress. I pray more people in the body of Christ wake up and stop reacting in fear the way everyone else in the world is. I don't even bother to watch the news because I'm not getting sucked into the lies. Using common sense and trusting in the Lord is how I'm keeping my sanity these days.


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