Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Our Condescending God


May the Lord keep our minds stayed upon Him. We know not how condescending God is to His people until we try Him. Go and tell Him all your wants. Satan will say, "Do you think that God will listen to such trifles?" He was a liar from the beginning; for every hair of your head is numbered. O for a heart to feel the goodness of God in the rich display of His mercy in bestowing upon sinful man so many mercies, and such a variety of blessings. How unworthy are we of the least of them. And while He provides so bountifully for all our temporal wants, He waits to be gracious to our souls, that He might give us a richer and better inheritance above. How good is God! Do not let us forget private devotion. It is from the neglect of this that all apostates date their fall. 
~ 100 Days With Mary Winslow

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  1. I've never heard of her, so I just looked her up. Her books appear to be very interesting reading. Thanks!


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