Thursday, October 14, 2010


It is quiet at nap time today. Normally my 3 oldest girls are up helping me around the house--sweeping, unloading & loading the dishwasher, folding clothes, dusting, or whatever other simple tasks they can do. They actually begged me to be able to do this when they were younger~they had a strong desire to help their momma. But today they all wanted to lay down. They're not feeling well! It is strange to be all by myself.

For dinner we will have simple smothered salmon and some brown rice. For after dinner I will make a creamy pineapple dessert. Hopefully they will feel well enough to eat it. Then I will put the little dears to bed early so they can get more rest to heal. I will get back to work on the quilt I started for our son before our baby was born. Mr. Q would like me to finish it so I can start a quilt for him & have it done by the time it is winter! Must get to work now.

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  1. Mrs. Q,

    This is my first time posting a comment at your lovely blog.

    I "envy" you that you can make lovely quilts. I hope to learn that skill some day. Hopefully, you will share with us your finished quilted projects with pictures on your blog. :)

    Anyway, take care dear lady. You are welcomed to visit my blog if you desire.

    Blessings to you and your family,
    -Lady Rose

  2. Hello Mrs. Q,

    Love when our littles work along with us learning to be homemakers. I pray they feel better soon.

    Can't wait to see your finished quilt.

    God bless you,


  3. You won.

    Pass by my blog.



  4. Not sure if you got my previous comment. Something went wrong.

    You won the Giveaway, so please pass by FAR.

    God bless you.

    I'm so happy for you.


  5. Lady Rose, I have briefly visited your lovely blog before, but had to leave to do housework ;). I will come by again sometime. Thanks for leaving me a note & don't envy me. My only training in sewing was a brief, VERY BRIEF bit when I took a quarter of a semester of Home Ec. in middle school, of which only part of it was dedicated to sewing, so you can probably imagine how much sewing we did! Back in March Mr. Q created a design for the pillow for the quillow he wanted for our son, and we BOTH worked on it. It's my job to finish it though, and I don't know how "beautiful" it will be, but I'll post pics. I really hope I can become more talented in the sewing department, as I would love to sew things for around the house & pretty dresses for our girls.
    God bless, Mrs. Q

  6. Jasmine~yes, it is so great to have daughters to work beside me! They seem to be feeling a lot better today but now I have it of course :)

    Thank you, thank you--I'm so excited I won!

  7. I am also barely learning to quilt. I joined a web group called 'Touching Christs Children Blankie Ministry.' They make quilts for disadvantaged children. I am learning little by little and hope it will inspire my daughters to dedicate there hands to the needy as well. Plus I needed to add some home task to my time to keep me from the computer so much.

    Feel better soon!


  8. That is great, Rosemi! I want to do something like that too when we learn a little bit more & the girls can help me. Right now I'm SO busy. Usually the only time I'm at the computer is when I'm nursing, but yeah, it can be a time stealer! I saw a ministry awhile ago making pillow case dresses for little girls in Africa, I think?

  9. I'm always suspicious when it's calm and quiet in our house !!! But I do enjoy some quiet from time to time, Good luck on your quilt!

  10. Funny~I get suspicious when it's too quiet too, though this time I knew they were resting :)


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