Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sickness in the House

Alas, our children have come down with a sickness. Mr. Q brought it home from work, and it seems all the children came down with it yesterday. I am not sure if the baby has it though. She seems a little on the cranky side, so she may indeed have it. It does not appear to be the flu however, for which I am grateful! So far, I don't seem to have it, but I feel like my body is trying to fight it off. Many times when all the children get sick (which they almost always "share" in this area), I will come down with it last. Just when everybody gets to feeling better, I will get sick! But perhaps I shall be spared this time. We shall see.

It is so hard for the littlest ones to endure not feeling well. I try to help them see that they will get to feeling better soon and to not cry because it doesn't help how they feel, but still it is hard for them. Our oldest (age 8) has not cried though this time because she doesn't feel well. I guess she is finally old enough to understand.



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Yesterday I fixed them all some Double-E Immune tea with a garlic clove which will also help their immune systems. I added some raw honey as well to help their throats. Do you have a natural remedy you use to help your children's sore throats? I don't like to use medicines, but prefer natural methods. Our oldest could not have the immune tea as she is on a special diet right now & the tea has elderberries in it, which I think she can't have. I made her a special tea from garlic cloves, lemon juice, and ginger. She gulped down 2 cups right away! I'm sure I'll need to make them more today. I also set up a humidifier in their room last night to help them breathe better.

Hope you're all staying healthy!

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