Thursday, January 20, 2011

Encouragement for Large Families

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I always love to see other families who embrace children as blessings. I also love to see how they manage so I can learn from them. We have never had cable to watch the Duggars, though I have seen a few clips of them online. Here is another family who is actually friends of the Duggars. The Bates have 18 children.

Hope you enjoyed it!


Mrs. Stam said...

I learn about the Duggar's online and watch some video on TLC website and meet the Bates there, Love both families:-)

Blessed Homemaking said...

Oh neat. I will have to check the TLC website.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I don't have cable either. I've never seen one show. I am interested in getting that large family logistics book just for curiosity and seeing what I can apply.

Thank you for your sweet, encouraging comment on my blog today. God bless you!

Love you too!

Mrs. A

Renata said...

Thanks for posting this - it was very interesting! I saw the Bates on the Duggars show by watching on youtube - it actually has full shows on there! I love watching these MumÅ› of many - what beautiful women they are!
Have a wonderful day

Trish said...

Emily, I enjoyed that clip.
What an interesting family :-)
You might enjoy checking out my friend Gae's blog "Cherished Hearts At Home".
She has 11 lovely children and is expecting #12 in May.
A hard working home-loving, homeschooling mother, Gae astounds me with what she does to 'cherish' her family!
She's a lovely woman of God :-)

Jenny Cross said...

Hi Hon,

I will NEVER complain about my basket of miss matched socks again.

I love love love this family!

Mrs. Stam said...

Here is the link you can watch full episode with they are live on TV (so they are live online for about 2-3 weeks)

Mrs. Stam said...

and of course you can watch full episode on youtube

Don and Shelly said...

I'm not sure we could have pulled off eighteen (we have four)... but wished we had more. We used to watch the Duggars when we had cable. I'm sure we'll be hearing more about the Bates also.

Nabila Grace said...

I loved watching that clip! ;o) It was so encouraging! :o)

Blessed Homemaking said...

Thank you, ladies! I'm glad you enjoyed it.
Mrs. Stam~Thank you so much! I hope to get to check those out soon :)