Friday, March 25, 2011

Thoughts and Ponderings

Just some thoughts and ponderings...

{apparently "ponderings" isn't a word according to spell check?  Well, it is in my vocabulary}



Monet, Claude

  • I am thankful for...
...2 unexpected gift cards I received today for doing surveys
...Bear Husband apologizing for being a bear
...children who fight over hugging their momma, and sometimes tackle me for hugs and kisses
...kind comments from my readers who show they truly care for me, and who offer up prayers on my behalf

...the oatmeal lotion that doesn't sting chapped skin

  • Noticing...
...Momma's hard work = a clean kitchen for the morning time, and soaked flour for the morning baking

...a schedule can bring peace of mind if used to your benefit and not to your detriment

...interruptions will always be part of a Momma's day; learn to expect them and embrace them

...cheerful children come from consistency in training, not from giving into whatever they want

Many blessings on your day today,


  1. Mrs. Q,

    I enjoyed reading your ponderings. It's always a good thing to be thankful for the blessings that we have (even the little ones), as well as taking notice of the environment around us.

    Also, I think your pondering post would make an interesting meme. I may decide to try something like it in the future. Would that bother you if I did?

    Blessings to you, Dear Mother, and know that I cherish our friendship, even if it is only via the Internet. :)



  2. Hi Mrs Q: You did have so many sweet blessings today. I love the part about you being grateful for having children who fight; over who is going to love and kiss you first. My brother and I used to do that with our mother! One day Mom laughingly made us take a truce and annouced her right shoulder belonged to me and the left to my brother Gary. It made us both very happy and even now that she is gone we still joke about which shoulder was the best. Truly they were equally soft and ready to comfort and hold us close whenever we needed her.

    You mentioned on my blog that you are interested in knitting but didn't have the time or finances for expensive lessons and supplies. Knitting is a bit of a challenge, but it is not too time consuming and is a great hobby to pick up for a few minutes here and there during the day to relax, the same goes with crocheting. Crocheting is an especially nice hobby to make very inexpensive gifts that will be treasured for baby showers and weddings for years to come.

    Beautiful yarn stores would have you believe you can't get started without at least a $100 worth of supplies, but in reality all you need is a simple book,which you can find at the library, a pair of size 10 metal needles which cost about$3.99 and a skein of Red Heart Yarn like they have as Walmart for $2.99.

    I know some people who can learn from books, but I needed hands on help. Most stores have classes, but I have known many young women who have sought out advice from dear older ones who were happy to teach what they knew and felt it an honor to be asked. You can't beat free lessons . Later after you decide whether you really enjoy it, then maybe invest some of the nicer equipment and yarn. Start off on small projects like dishrags or grannie squares, As your skill grow so will your ability to go into the more fun and fashionable projects. I hoped that answered your questions! Have a wonderful weekend. Delisa

  3. We truly do have many things to be thankful for, don't we? This was an uplifting post and I enjoyed reading it. Have a very nice weekend!

  4. Love the picture! :o) Great post! Ponderings are great for the soul! Sometimes it's what helps our mind be at ease. :o)

  5. Well Mrs. Q. I do ponder too, and must be a good word cause in the Bible it says and Mary pondering these things in her heart, so there ya go, who we gonna believe , God's word, or the spell checker, giggles. Good post sister, Barbara

  6. loved this! i am also trying to get into more of a schedule, prayerfully it will help me too.

  7. Lady Rose~I do not mind, and thank you, I cherish our friendship too.

    Delisa~I love the story of you and your brother. Thank you so much for this information about knitting! I do hope I can learn some day, and you have given me some very good information here, and I appreciate you taking the time to do so :)

    Thank you, Miss Linda, Nabila, Barbara, and Tami. I appreciate you all.

  8. Beautiful post. I am working on getting my routine more exact. Schedules mess me up because I'm a perfectionist and if I have to do dishes at 8:15 and sweep at 8:30 I feel defeated if the dishes take longer and it's 8:45 before I can sweep. It makes me feel behind schedule for the rest of the day. So I use "bench marks" basically. Morning things I want done before lunch. After lunch things I want done before around 2 or 3. Then finishing up things where I try to let myself "off work" at 5. (other than cooking when I cook)

    Blessings, Cass

  9. Cassidy~I completely know what you mean about being a perfectionist. This is what has stumbled me so many times with having schedules before. A schedule does help me plan, know what to expect, and clear my mind from thinking "what do I do next?", as long as I remember it's not set in stone and I will get interrupted!


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