Thursday, November 3, 2011

Let Me Be a Homemaker

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Let me be a Homemaker
What I was called to be
Let me fill the halls with children's laughter
And story time upon my knee
Let me fill the walls with flowers
Picked from our very own backyard
Let us gaze in wonder
At God's creation, big and small

Let me be a Homemaker
Never a paycheck
Let me dwell in our home of safety
Free of the workplace land of stress

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Let me be a Homemaker
Let me cook and let me clean
No it doesn't matter, Dear
If I do it all for "free"

Let me love you, Husband
Let me love the children, too
Let me be a Keeper
It is what God has said to do

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I do not want a paycheck
Nor a corner office desk
I just want to be Mommy
And a caretaker--The Best

The Best Job
The Sweetest Job
For the Christian women, all
Just let us stay at home
The duty is big, not measly and small

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It is a sacred calling
Being Keeper of the Home
The children are the future
Let us not leave them alone

~*~Written by Lady Violet~*~

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  1. That was beautiful, you are very talented and I love the paintings you have selected.

  2. This is a BEAUTIFUL poem, I really like it!

  3. Beautiful poem, you know from the time I was a little girl I wanted to be a mommy and wife, and God made it possible for me to be both, and to stay at home and raise my 5 blessings. He sure is good and gives you the desires of your heart, when your heart is in tune with his. Thank you dear, and all the blessings this blog brings to me.

  4. Aww... I loved it! :) It spoke right to my heart. ♥

  5. This was so beautiful. You are very talented.I will definately print this. Thank-you!

  6. Your poetry is lovely, thank you so much for posting it. Home making and mothering it is true are sacred callings. So often we forget..
    thank you for reminding us.
    Blessings to you

  7. What a beautiful poem! And I did take the liberty of sharing this on my blog, and I have linked back to you.

    I also want to say I just found your blog through a link, and I absolutly love it! And I can't wait to visit again. Thanks for all the wonderful encouragement you have shared on here. :D

    Have a wonderfully blessed day!

  8. I LOVE, love this poem! The important thing is to be a mother at home, keeping the home pleasant and non-threatening. A mother at home can keep the world out and give her family a stress free environment! The world has woes enough. The home needs to be the place of refuge.

  9. Deat Mrs. Q,
    You are posting so many wonderful truths. I just had this conversation again with my husband, about my deep desire to stay home. He first allowed me to go to a 30 hour work week. But since I was hit by a car in August, we both look at life so differently. What matters is NOT how much money I make, but that I make life worth living for him and for my family and that I serve God. Always.

  10. What a beautiful poem. I too love all the beautiful artwork you have displayed on your blog. Where do you find it?

  11. This poem was INCREDIBLE.
    Thank you so much for sharing this with us!! I definitely will be quoting this and linking back to your blessed site.


  12. Thank you so much, ladies.

    Theresa, the artwork is from You can click on the pictures to purchase it or see a bigger view.

    JennyMay--are you doing okay? I hope you can stay home full time.


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