Saturday, April 13, 2013

Those Strangers Are Reminding ME

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I am so very busy sometimes that I get rushed, hurried, as we are out and about.  My children are pretty well-behaved most of the time when we go out, though sometimes they might start to argue which always embarrasses me.  I know when we are out and about we are representing Christ to the world, and I want that representation to be good.  So as children do get into trouble sometimes, I have to remember that it is also my reaction to them that counts.  Am I patient and kind in my response to them?  If only we could only stop and think before we speak and act.  Lord, help me to be better at this!

But anyways, the point of this post was that we often hear of the rude comments that people make when a large family is out and about.  I have heard them too.  But more often than not what I hear is blessing.  Blessing upon blessing from complete strangers.  I hear that I am blessed, that I am doing a good job, that my children are beautiful, that they are so well-behaved, that they are such good helpers, that Jesus loves them....Oh, so many words of encouragement, when I need it most!  It is almost like God is speaking to me through these people, "I love you and I love your children.  And what you're doing is of great worth in My sight.  It will be okay."  So I am just so thankful for the kind words people have said.  And I am thankful to have my "little" brood about me, even though it is harder to go on errands with several children in tow.  So even though I knew it before, I am thankful that these people have reminded me that I am blessed.

Do you other mothers with many children ever get compliments when out and about?

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  1. We do get sweet comments at times--it is 99% of the time from two generations previous to mine. They are truly an encouragement when they do come!

  2. I like this. Our girls have their moment but they are good most of the time, and strangers do notice :-) But I can't take the credit to Him be the Glory, because He surely knows me better then what strangers sees :-)

  3. Every parent has moments when their child is naughty, its life and we should never be ashamed or embarrassed. Most other mothers and fathers are completely understanding and offer a smile of support. Christian children are still human and we shouldn't expect them to be perfect. I can remember as a child sitting quietly when my parents visited friends and I really didn't enjoy those outings at all - being good is hard work for a child, I had years of perfecting it.

  4. We do get complements when we go out. Mostly people smile or seem surprised. :)


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